In rural areas, many programs and schemes are being implemented to improve the socio-economic condition of women and to make them technically more efficient and efficient. Women from rural areas of Chhattisgarh state are setting an example of social and economic upliftment by joining self-help groups. A similar story is about the Gulab women self-help group of Gram Panchayat Dhodhrapal located about 15 km from Jagdalpur headquarters in Bastar district. Bari development work was done on about one acre of land in Gothan of the village.
Fencing was done by the Gothan Management Committee on one acre of land for the construction of Bari. The system of land and water available at Gowthan boosted the morale of the women of the group, women are trying to use the above land better.
With the technical support of the National Rural Livelihoods Mission and Horticulture Department, women have planted brinjal, ladyfinger, papaya and marigold flower plants on the land. Under the supervision of the horticulture department, the women provided the right size to the fence and from this fence they started taking crops of lady finger, brinjal vegetable. He sold vegetables for about Rs.1000 to Rs.1200 a week and generated income from Rs.15000 to Rs.20000 from this bari.
To further develop this fence, he sent a demand for drip irrigation with the technical help of the horticulture department. They are now keen on a second crop and more advanced production. For this, the second crop has now been planned to be done with drip irrigation and mulching method. For this, land reform and land has been prepared.
Similarly, in the Tittirgaon Gowthan of block development block Jagdalpur, Maa Lakshmi self-help group planted 0.20 hectare of marigold plant, produced 100 kg of flowers and produced 8 kg at the rate of 80 rupees and sweet potato in 0.05 hectare and 200 kg. Have sold production tax in the amount of more than 4 thousand. The employment opportunities the group has got in the Gauthan region have provided the women with a means of income. For this, the members of the group are thanking the administration.