Baby born with eight limbs in UP hailed as ‘reincarnation of God’: Reports

By Express News Service

A baby was born with four legs and four arms in Uttar Pradesh on July 2. The child was delivered at the Shahabad Community Health Centre in Hardoi and has been hailed as a ‘reincarnation of God.’

According to The Daily Star, Kareena, the mother rushed to the hospital after experiencing labour pain, gave birth to a child with extra four limbs protruding from the stomach. The baby weighs around 6.5lbs and miraculously,  both the mother-baby duo are doing well despite the medical rarity.

After the townsfolk came to know about the news they flocked to the hospital to see the child first hand.

The child, whose gender is yet to be revealed, quickly became a local celebrity for its unique appearance and extra limbs. Video footage showed the kid surrounded by fascinated residents as they took pictures of the child and their exposed organs, the report said.

The child could be seen resting in a basket full of colourful sheets placed on the mother’s lap as she sat upright in a hospital bed.

This isn’t the first time a baby in India has left crowds stunned. There have been earlier instances of similar cases.