The new capital city will soon have variable message signboards which are electronic traffic signs used for giving commuters key information about specific events.

The sign boards would be put up on streets in a phased manner, officials informed.

Notably, Atal Nagar was awarded with the ‘Best Smart City Initiative’ award for its innovative Smart City project in May this year.

The integrated Greenfield Smart City was appreciated especially for its control and command center. The innovative smart city initiative includes components like highly efficient land and urban planning, green buildings and walkways, water body conservation, inclusive city development, transit oriented development, GIS mapping of all utilities, implementation of SCADA system, Smart Governance, City Surveillance, Integrated Transport Management System and Integrated Command and Control Centre (CCC).

The city will be monitored round-the-clock through integrated Command and control in major aspects of surveillance, ITMS, water & electrical SCADA, Street lighting etc. At present the various processes like land purchase request, report a complaint, apply for No Objection Certificate etc. are manual. However when the system is implemented all these processes will be provided on a click to citizen.

Notably, Atal Nagar has won several awards since its inception. The ambitious project of the State Government has received appreciation from several smart city communities, and has become a major investment destination in Chhattisgarh.