Assistant committee manager Kusmi and paddy procurement center in-charge Kumhi suspended

Collector Mr. Jitendra Kumar Shukla did a surprise inspection of paddy procurement center Kumhi yesterday. During the inspection, instead of the prescribed quantity of 40 kg, paddy was found to be procured by the government in more weight of paddy, due to which the farmers were financially damaged. Paddy procurement center Kumhi was found to be planted in a single layer (paddy musa) stake, whereas as per the instructions of the government, the paddy stake is to be kept in two layers (paddy straw), by stacking the paddy of the farmers in the paddy procurement center. Testing was not found to be done, in this way, due to the above irregularity in the paddy procurement center Kumhi, the paddy procurement policy for the year 2022-23 and the instructions given to keep the procured paddy safe have been violated. In which Mr. Ramkaran Verma, Assistant Committee Manager, Service Cooperative Society Maryadit Kusmi and Mr. Narayan Netam, in-charge of Paddy Purchase Procurement Center Kumhi, have been jointly found guilty. In connection with the said irregularity, under the provisions of the service commissioners of Primary Agricultural Credit Cooperative Societies have been suspended with immediate effect. An order to this effect was issued by Deputy Registrar Cooperative Societies Bemetara today.Like this:Like Loading…Continue Reading