PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday indicated his scepticism over “local lockdowns” imposed for a day or two in combating Covid-19 and asked high focus states to assess if such measures are hindering restoration of economic activities while proving to be of little use.
Urging states to weigh the impact and utility of local lockdowns, the PM emphasised the need to focus on “micro containment zones” as a way forward to curb the infection spread and also allow usual activities to go on. With arbitrary local lockdowns in July and August seen to hurt the economy and disrupt supply chains, the Centre had directed states to avoid such measures unless cleared by the home ministry.

In his interaction with chief ministers and health ministers from seven high burden states, Modi strongly highlighted the crucial role of masks in combating Covid-19, saying it may be difficult to make this a habit but positive outcomes cannot be achieved without adopting the protective measure in daily lives.