Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly Speaker Dr. Charandas Mahant paid tribute to the memory of former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi, the father of 21st century computer revolution, at his residence on the death anniversary of India.
Dr. Mahanta said that at the age of 40, Rajiv Gandhi, who has the distinction of being the youngest and ninth Prime Minister of the country, can be called the “architect of modern India”. He was the first to emphasize the widespread use of computers by giving priority to the use of technology in the country. He has also faced many protests and accusations for installing computers in India, but now he is also known as the father of the computer revolution that has become the strength of the country.
Assembly Speaker Dr. Mahant said that, Rajiv Gandhi was a very popular leader among the youth of the country, people used to wait a lot to hear his speech. Rajiv was the youngest Prime Minister of the country. He took many such decisions during his prime ministership, which had an impact on the development of the country. The spread of education, franchise to the youth of 18 years, Panchayati Raj etc. are included. Rajiv took many bold steps, including the sending of the Peace Army to Sri Lanka, the Assam Accord, the Punjab Agreement, the Mizoram Agreement, etc.