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Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bhatarpur Collector Mr. P.S. After Dhruv’s inspection and strict instructions, the SECL management has finally started the work of asphalting of the road to and from the NCPH Hospital at Chirmiri in a hurry today. NCPH Hospital is run by SECL Management. The responsibility of repair and maintenance of the road leading to this hospital is also the responsibility of the SECL management. This road had become dilapidated for a long time. Passengers including patients and their relatives used to face problems while traveling. The road had potholes at various places and large boulders had been uprooted. Collector Mr. Dhruv had accidentally visited the NCPH Hospital last Sunday while taking stock of the cleanliness in the Chirmiri Municipal Corporation area. Seeing the dilapidated condition of the road, the Collector had expressed deep displeasure and had also directed the SECL management to get it asphalted immediately. The water ATM established by the SECL management for drinking water facility for the patients and their relatives was also lying closed and useless for months. This water ATM has now become operational again and people have started getting drinking water from it. The collector reprimanded the manager of SECL for the filth prevailing in the hospital and its premises, closed water ATMs, dilapidated road and gave strict instructions to repair the system of the hospital and repair the dilapidated road. The Collector had also discussed the said matter with the General Manager of SECL on mobile and informed him about the hospital and the arrangements there. The Collector had instructed the General Manager of SECL to get the above works done in public interest immediately. Instructions were given to the management to organize the garden located in front of the hospital and to plant medicinal and shady plants there. Following the instructions of the Collector, the management has started improving the asphalting work of the road, along with strengthening the health facilities in the hospital, as well as improving other arrangements. It may be noted that despite the acceptance of the tender for road asphalting, the SECL management was delaying the asphalting work without any reason. The collector had summoned the civil engineer of SECL on the spot during the inspection and given strict instructions to start the asphalt work within 24 hours. Continue Reading