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MUMBAI: NCP minister Nawab Malik dropped another bombshell on Sunday saying Aryan Khan’s case is kidnapping and ransom.

Nawab Malik said that revelation by Prabhakar Sail, the witness in Aryan Khan’s case and now the statement of Sunil Pagare and interview of Sam D’souza establishes the fact that the Rs 25 crore ransom was demanded by Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB) director Sameer Wankhede and his private army – KP Gosavi, Manish Bhanushai and Sam D’souza from Shahrukh Khan’s manager Pooja Dadlani to release Aryan Khan in a drug case after his detention.

He said that the deal was finalized at Rs 18 crore and out of it, Rs 8 crore was for Sameer Wankhede and the remaining Rs 10 crore was planned to be distributed among the private team of Mr. Wankhede. “As a part of the deal, Rs 50 lakh was sent through Hawala transaction, and Rs 17.50 crore was supposed to be sent later. But KP Gosavi’s selfie with Aryan Khan got viral and that botched the entire ransom plan. One selfie cost them Rs 18 crore,” Malik pointed out.

Malik said that Shahrukh Khan and Pooja Dadlani have been threatened that if they speak out against the NCB, then they will face adverse consequences. “Shahrukh Khan, his son and their manager are the victims so there will be no case against them. The case will be against Sameer Wankhede and his private army who threaten people and collect ransoms,” he alleged.

Malik further said that during the court hearings, another fact emerged that Aryan Khan had not bought any ticket for the Cruise party, but he was invited as a guest.

“Pratik Gaba and Amir Furiturewala invited Aryan Khan for the Cruise party. They were also helped by Rishab Sachdeva, brother-in-law of BJP leader Mohit Kamboj aka Bhartiya. So, it was a well-planned trap set by the BJP and Sameer Wankhede to kidnap Aryan Khan and arrest him in the name of a rave drug party. Therefore, this is a fit case of kidnapping and ransom against Sameer Wankhede, Manish Bhanushali, KP Gosavi, etc,” Malik said adding that the Mohit Kamboj is the master-mind of this entire case.

Malik alleged that Kamboj cheated the banks for Rs 1100 crore. “Kamboj took the Rs 1100 crore loan from six banks showing same gold as an asset. Later he did not pay the dues of the bank. Bank declared him a willful defaulter. The CBI has registered a case against him and even raided his property. Earlier he was with Congress, then left and joined the BJP in 2014 to save himself from the arrest of CBI,” Malik claimed.

Mohit Kamboj refuted all the allegations said that he established the Aryan Khan case-NCP connections and therefore such low-level allegations are made against him.