Manju Mishra’s painting exhibition of Bhilai is attracting art lovers of Raipur. In this painting exhibition at Magneto Mall Raipur from 10 to 14 February, Manju Mishra has tried to reflect her creativity and feelings of feminine mind with acrylic colors on canvas. In his paintings, where the woman wants to roam free in the sky. At the same time, he has also kept the shackles of traditions like ornaments.
Manju has beautifully carved the canvas of the feeling of being just a woman with mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, daughter-in-law. In the landscapes created by Water Color, he has given a very meaningful depiction of nature and environment.

Manju Mishra, representing the housewives, proved that a woman can give wings to her dreams whenever she wants. He started his childhood hobbies on canvas during the lockdown and made a series of paintings.