The Congress party has tweeted a tweet:

The BJP government is unable to take the nation into confidence due to the tense atmosphere prevailing over India-China. The nation should be taken into confidence by making the nation aware of the environment created on the India-China border.

On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi tweeted that the Central Government should tell what is the status of the dispute on the border of China with China. He asked whether the Indian government could confirm that no Chinese troops had entered the Indian border.

Congress leader Manish Tiwari also surrounded the Modi government. Manish Tiwari wrote, ‘A dangerous lie is being hidden by the government. Fact is that China has 40-60 square km of Indian land. Is captured till. But the government is sleeping.

 The basis of the comments made by the Congress on the ongoing India-China dispute, are the fake videos being made viral on social media by China to confuse the people of India?

The viral video on social media about the Indo-China border dispute in eastern Ladakh has been termed by the army. The army has issued a statement dismissing the video. It also said that there is no violence happening at the China border right now. Differences between the two countries will also be resolved through negotiations between military commanders.

“The viral video has not been verified. Attempts have been made to link it to the situation in the northern borders which is wrong,” the military said in a statement. The differences between the India-China protocol under the military commander were discussed Efforts are being made to sort it out.

Do not spoil the atmosphere by showing on the media

The army said, “An attempt was made to sensationalize the matter.” We strongly condemn this and there is an appeal to the media not to show such videos, which increase the tension on the border and spoil the atmosphere.

BJP IT Cell national convenor Amit Malviya replied that the Congress was trying to mislead the country on China’s aggression. So, I want to remind them of a 2013 report when Dr. Manmohan Singh was a PA. This report states that under UPA 2, China occupied 640 square kilometers of Indian territory in eastern Ladakh. They have to understand.

At the same time, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also confirmed that the Chinese soldiers are present on the border but India is also strengthening its position. He said that India’s negotiations with China are going on. If the issue is resolved through dialogue then what else can be a good thing. However, he also said that India’s forehead will not bend under any circumstances.

China, engaged in the fight to capture Ladakh, has now given India ‘greed’.

 China’s multipurpose project One Belt One Road (OBOR) project is also known as Belt and Road (BRI).

India is the only country which has not come under the guise of BRI Incentive of China. That is, it has been rejected completely. Therefore, by creating tension in Ladakh, China is trying unsuccessfully to blackmail India. Not only Pakistan, Nepal but Italy have also come under the grip of China’s BRI. Communists and CPM speak the same thing that China wants.

Both the current Prime Minister and the former Prime Minister of Nepal are having differences between the Communist Prime Ministers. To resolve this, China called both the leaders and their pro-communist leaders here and asked them to forget their differences.

 It means to say that Communist parties and CPM of India and Pakistan and Nepal are dancing at the behest of China but why is Congress doing this?

Congress leader in the Lok Sabha, Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary, tweeted, ‘China! Be careful. India knows how to destroy poisonous snakes like you. The whole world is watching you. I now suggest the government to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan without losing time.

If the said tweet was opposed by the Congress High Command, then the impatient Ranjan Chaudhary had to delete the tweet against China.

Rahul Gandhi described his Mansarovar Yatra as a religious journey. Despite this, he secretly met the Chinese minister.

Not only this, Rahul Gandhi met the Chinese Ambassador twice in the same manner without informing the media and the government. He was accompanied by Anand Sharma from the Congress in a meeting. So Robert and Priyanka Vadra were together in the second meeting.

Are all these events just coincidence?

Even during the Doklam controversy, Rahul Gandhi had raised similar questions on the Modi government in the context of the ongoing tension in Ladakh.

Congress has a similar history to Nehru’s time. The right hand of Pandit Nehru was Sheikh Abdullah and the left hand was the communist lobby of the time like the then Defense Minister Comrade Krishna Menon.

Slogans of Chinese Hindi bhai bhai were chanted, we know what the result was. Even today, does the Congress want to repeat the same history?

There was a time when Pandit Nehru sent an Indian airplane to China and called the Chinese leader, because at that time China did not even own any airplane.

Under the guise of Sheikh Abdullah, Pandit Nehru gifted Pakistan to PoK. Why is the present leadership of Congress also adopting the policy of Pakistan and getting stuck in the sugar trap, rather than correcting that mistake of Nehru.

Congress-communists in the context of a stressful atmosphere on India-China

But why does the nation not believe?

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