If Rahul Gandhi and Congress spokespersons criticize PM Modi, it is his right in democracy but it is unfair that he will suffer from India phobia opposing Modi.

Rahul Gandhi ji should not stand the Congress with elements of anti-India nor allow it to stand. In 1962, the Communist Party stood with the China Army. At the time of the India-China border dispute, under a well-planned conspiracy, the Communist parties are now forwarding Rahul Gandhi, that is, by keeping a gun on his shoulder.

Silva of China Parivarti At the time of the Olympic event in Beijing in 2008, Xi Jinping, who was then Vice-President and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, signed the MoU in the presence of Sonia Gandhi with him. . This was also reflected in the meeting of the China Ambassador twice during the Dokalam dispute and the Chinese Minister during the Mansarovar visit. After becoming a Lok Sabha MP from Wayanad in Kerala, this trend is being seen in his tweet at the time of the controversy that is going on with China.

 Manmohan Singh had met Pakistani officials at the house of Mani Shankar Aiyar during the Gujarat assembly elections in the night, Rahul Gandhi had also twice met the Chinese ambassador, following the same. See below detailed news editorial.

Therefore, the blame is many times more than that of Rahul, not the blame for Rahul. Now Rahul ji is 51 years old. They walk with their intelligence.

Manmohan Singh used to follow Sonia Gandhi at the behest of Prime Minister. That is, the BJP has been alleging that Soniaji ruled from the back door and Manmohanji was the Prime Minister. Now Rahul Gandhi ji also wants to run the Congress from the back door and make someone named president. But he is not getting any other Manmohan, this is ironic.

 When Mani Shankar Aiyar called Modi ji at the time of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly elections and after that Rahul ji had asked him to apologize to Modi ji and suspended him from the party it was the maturity of Rahul Gandhi. Introducing the same maturity, since whom they have forgotten to give advice, I do not know.

>> The advice that Manmohan Singh has given to Modi ji should be given to Rahul Gandhi. The former Prime Minister has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should give a thoughtful statement on the issue of security, strategy and boundaries of the country. They should be careful what will affect their talk in these cases. BJP’s answer- China under Manmohan infiltrated 600 times in 3 years. JP Nadda ji has said in response that it is the Congress which has broken the morale of the army, who surrendered 43000 km of land to China without fighting.

>> Party workers are feeling scared and uncomfortable due to the tweet being made by former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on PM Narendra Modi amidst the ongoing tension between India and China. Experts say that the whole country is against China at this time. In such a situation, Rahul’s statement and tweet are not suitable for the party.

It is necessary to mention here that after the martyrdom of Indian soldiers in Rahul Galvan and the tension in Ladakh, the people are constantly raising questions on PM Modi and the central government and tweeting on the tweet.

It is necessary to have a strong opposition, hence Rahul ji will have to change his language and thinking. Avoiding the advice of those who play anti-India chess moves at home and abroad. This will also benefit the Congress along with the country.

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