With elections coming closer, the Congress Party has begun to release Fake News. Congress, who lost its hold in the voters, feels that by lying, it will succeed in making its entry among the common people. In this endeavor, the name of Congress leader Kamal Nath has also been added to the people who spread the news on social media. Share this from the official Twitter handle of Madhya Pradesh Congress President, this photo tried to defame Shivraj Singh Chauhan
Former union minister and state Congress chief Kamal Nath tweeted a fake picture on social media surrounding the Shivraj Sarkar of Madhya Pradesh. In fact, Kamal Nath, trying to surround the chief minister Shivraj Singh by sharing photos on Twitter. They tweeted a picture of Bangladesh for Madhya Pradesh. However, after this tweet, he got badly hit on social media.
Kamal Nath wrote on Twitter, “In the reign of Mama ji, corrupt paths have started to flutter, and make a good velvety road from Washington to watch the clock. In front of the BJP, all records of corruption are laughed; It’s good. Epic_h__change
In the reign of Mama ji, the corrupt path has started,
And take a good velvety road from Washington to watch
In front of Bhajpa all records of corruption are shameful,
Due to the so-called development going to the maternal uncle, they are taken together.
It’s good. It’s time to change
8:51 AM – Hrishal 15, 2018
There has been controversy over Kamal Nath’s tweet about the sadness of the roads. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan told the picture shown with tweet Bangladesh. Kamal Nath posted a picture with his tweet. Responding to this, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan tweeted this as a road to Bangladesh. Shivraj tweeted, “Initiatives Digvijay ji brought the bridge of Pakistan to Bhopal and now Kamal Nath Ji brought Bangladesh’s road to Madhya Pradesh.”
In fact, the photo that Kamal Nath has tweeted is two years old and it has nothing to do with Madhya Pradesh. A man from Bangladesh tweeted the picture two years ago saying that.

What our congressmen say!
Initiatives Digvijay ji brought the bridge of Pakistan to Bhopal, and now Kamal Nath ji brought the road of Bangladesh to Madhya Pradesh.

This is not the first sentence, even before this, the Congress party and its leaders have been spreading lies and confusion in this way. Put a look-
Last week, there was a sudden flood of ‘Fake News’. Concerned over the cleanliness of Ganga, the Congress party tweeted some pictures of the UPA regime as the latest to defame the Modi government, but people opened the Congress poll.
Social media head of Congress caught in spreading news
Last month, Congress Social Media Head Divya Vandana ‘Ramya’ was caught red handed spreading news about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Divya Spandana wrote a tweet saying, “It is difficult to find a video, it is an interview of 1998 in which the sahib is saying himself, I am studying till high school, but today Sahib has a graduation degree which he did in 1979 !! ”
Congress Social Media Head edited the interview and tried to mislead the people by misrepresenting them. Divya claimed that Prime Minister Modi’s only high school is in his tweet, but if you see the whole conversation of Prime Minister Modi with Congress leader Rajiv Shukla, you will know the truth. In the original video, the Prime Minister says that BA and MA have completed the External Exams (Correspondence Course).

Conspiracy to defame Election Commission through fake voter list
In Madhya Pradesh, the BJP government attacked and attacked the Congress party also target the Election Commission. On the instructions of party president Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader Kamal Nath filed a petition against the Election Commission in the Supreme Court on the basis of fake voter list in Madhya Pradesh. During the hearing in the Supreme Court, the Election Commission objected to the list of voters list submitted by Congress leader Kamal Nath. The Election Commission has said that Congress has made a conspiracy to defame the Election Commission by presenting fake voter lists on behalf of the leader. The Election Commission has demanded action under Kamal Nath 193 (punishment for wrongful evidence) for defamation by false documents.

Wrote false news spread by Congress!
Big newspapers and websites are also publishing these reports without scrutinizing the facts. Surprisingly, Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party is also engaged in spreading news of loudly. Congress is fighting with facts for attacking the Modi government. Trying to spread confusion among the people through Congress’s Twitter handle and Navjivan website is being tried.
When the Central Government accepted in the Rajya Sabha that the public sector banks from the financial year 2014-15 to September 2017, 2.41