Shashi Tharoor was the Minister of Government of India in Delhi and a member of Lok Sabha from Kerala. Earlier, he was Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations.
The symbol of Hindu civilization and Hinduism is evidence of Shivling being found and worshiped in many places of the world.
That is why, on one hand, Rahul Gandhi is a Shiva devotee for multiplexing Hindus, and on the other hand, he has insulted Tharoor Shivaling on his instructions to please Hindu opponents. Even before inventing words like Hindu Pakistan, they have tricked the dissolution of India’s unity.
Lord Shiva is worshiped or worshiped as a spherical stone which is kept in the sanctum of the worship site. Shiva was worshiped not only in India and Sri Lanka but in many countries of the world outside of India.
Shiva worship was practiced all over the world, thousands of evidence has spread about this. In ancient cities Palmyra and Nimrud cities, which were recently destroyed by the Islamic State, there remains the remains of the practice of worship of Shiva.

Shivaling in Rome: In the European countries, worship of Shivalinga was started? Italy’s city of Rome is calculated in ancient cities of the world. The worship of Shivling was done by the Romans as ‘Prayas’.
During the excavation of the Vatican City of Rome, a Shivalinga was also found, which was placed in the Gregorian Atrucán Museum. The size of the Vatican city of Rome in Italy is similar to that of Shiva of Lord Shiva, which is a surprise.
Shivaling in ancient civilization:

ccording to archaeological findings, evidence of worship of Shivalinga has also been found in ancient city Mesopotamia and Babylonian. Apart from this, archaeological remains of Shivalinga were also worshiped in the developed culture of Mohan-Jodado and Harappa.
At the beginning of civilization, the life of the people was dependent on animals and nature, so he used to worship Pashupati as the guardian god of animals. On a seal received from the Gandhian civilization, a man with three faces has been shown which has many animals around it. It is considered as the Pashupati form of Lord Shiva.
Sumeria 2300-2150 years ago, Babylonia 2000-400 years ago, 2000-250 Eastern Iran, 2000-150 BC Egypt (Egypt), 1450-500 BC Assyria, 1450-150 BC Greece (Greece), 800 500 BC The civilizations of Rome existed. The war of Mahabharata was fought before all those said. It means that 3500 BC was a fully developed civilization in India.
Ancient Shivling in Ireland: A long oval mysterious stone is located in Tara Hill, Ireland, which is similar to Shivling. It is called Lucky (Duddad Dwaduddhbya Hihlshathdgad Shadgh Srudgahylbethth 4) stone. According to an ancient document written between French monks between 1632-1636 CE, this stone was founded by 4 supernatural people.
Shivling in Africa:
In a cave named ‘Sudarva’ of South Africa, archaeologists found a 6000-year-old Shivling idol of Mahadev, which was made of hard granite stone. Archaeologists looking for this Shivaling are surprised that this Shivling remained so safe here?
Shiva in Kaba:
According to historical evidence, some millenniums of Vikram Samvat? This is the emergence of Rudra (Shiva) to the Adeemav. Wherever these objects fell, the temples were built to protect these sacred objects. In this way thousands of Shiva temples were built on earth. The chief among them were 108 Jyotirling. According to Shiva, at that time, the sky went down from the sky, and the light spread to them for a while. Many such meteor objects fell on the ground from the sky. It is said that Maize’s Sang-e-Asvad was also dropped from the sky.