Morarji Desai’s health and longevity rule is also believed that he used to revise his urine and consume it.
It is possible that Kamal Nath has also remembered the word Peeb and used it for the RVS gem, not for himself.
In this context, one advice is for Kamal Nath that he is giving a hollow assurance of opening the cowshed, but it should be started from him by consuming gumutra so that he can be saved.

RVS Mani was an officer in the Home Ministry and he has made many disclosures in this matter. He was pressured at that time to trap CM Modi, former Union Commerce Minister Kamal Nath had asked RVS Mani to make the same report as he wanted. A video of RVS Mani is being viral in which he is saying that Kamal Nath had told him, “Believe it, people are ready to drink the garden till the urine of Rahul Gandhi, and you can not do too much.”
On this RVS Mani replied to Kamal Nath, “You people will drink urine, I do not drink urine.”