On the Modi Government, the all-round pressure of construction of the Ram temple is going on day by day. Since there was also a futuristic Ram temple in the larger promises of coming. The Modi government is going to complete its five-year term even after forming a government with full majority. And the government has not taken any special hand in the Ram temple issue, as well as 2019 elections and the Modi government wants a return in Sanaa, in such a situation the government has to take major steps towards the Ram temple.

There is pressure on the government to bring legislation to the temple for the construction of Ram Temple and clear the path to construct a temple on Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya. The last stamped on this possibility is the statement of Mohan Bhagwat in the Vijayshashmi program of the RSS. He said that law should be made for Ram temple, if Bhagwat is saying this thing then he is pointing directly to the government, keeping in mind the support of RSS and BJP supporters and those who believe in Ram The Modi government should bring a law to the Ram temple in the house.

On the other hand, saints have also started encircling the government on the issue that they will not tolerate delay in construction of the temple. Saints say that or the BJP has forgotten its own promise of construction of the temple and the statement of the Supreme Court’s verdict is being repeatedly given to the party. Let the guests associated with the Ram temple movement announce the construction of a temple in Ayodhya from December 6 this year. Sant Samaj says that he will start the construction of the temple, if the government wants to stop, stop it.

Bill will bring government? In such a situation, the government now seems to have survived one way and it is that for the establishment of its commitment to the Ram temple, Modi Government will keep the Ram temple bill in the upcoming winter session of the House. This also benefits the BJP. First of all, that the government will succeed in establishing people right before the election that their intent is towards Ram temple, they will be able to tell their voters that at least BJP and Modi are committed to building Ram temple in Ayodhya .

The second advantage is that it will not be a comfortable situation for the opposition. The Opposition will break on it, it will not be easy for the Congress to confront the proposal on Ram temple and put all its efforts in Hindutva into the soil. This will also cause scarcity in the Opposition and parties like SP BSP will also get a kick in the vote-bank.

It is important for the government to believe in the faith of Ram Mandir right before the election, it is to see the extent to which the government goes to convey the belief. Keep in mind that this is an important and last chance in front of the Modi Government just before the election to deliver messages between saints and voters. Even during the Kumbha, which started in Prayag from January, the government will have to clarify its accountability to the temple in front of Sant Samaj.