Rahul Gandhi again wished to be a good friend, said – trusting colleagues
After Lord Shiva, after Ram Bhakt, now he became a devotee of Narmada, Rahul Gandhi.
Rahul Gandhi is eager to become the Prime Minister of Yen-Ken, while imitating his ancestors. Pandit Nehru divides India into the lust of becoming Prime Minister Now Rahul Gandhi is on the same path.

Rahul Gandhi sometimes becomes Jnanewari Brahmin, becoming a multicultural, and sometimes Ram devotee and Shivbaktak. All these polymorphs come to be held at the time of their election. Now, considering the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, the posters which Congress has imposed on them today have been called Narmada devotees.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that if the allies want after the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, they will definitely become the Prime Minister. Rahul Gandhi also said that in the Lok Sabha elections, Congress will get ‘very big’ seats.

In a summit, Rahul Gandhi said in response to a question, “After interacting with the opposition parties, it was decided that there will be two-stage process in the elections. In the first phase, we will beat the BJP together. After the election, in the second phase we will decide (about Prime Minister). ”

When asked if the opposition parties and the allies would like to see what their stand would be, then Rahul Gandhi said, “If they want, I will definitely (but I will).” – Darwin, from them, during the Karnataka assembly elections Quoting the statement, the question was asked in which he had said that if Congress becomes the largest party then it will become the Prime Minister.

Referring to his plan to become a government, Rahul Gandhi said, “If Congress comes to power, I will do three things. The first task will be to strengthen small and small enterprises; secondly, farmers will realize that they are important. Medical and educational institutions will stand up. “