According to the published news, Air Force Chief BS Dhanah has made it clear that before the deal, the Indian government took the opinion of the Indian Air Force. Not only that, Dhanoa said that due to the arrival of Raphael, there would be unprecedented change in the security system of India. It will be a game changer. The Chief of the Air Force said that offset has been selected by Dallas Company itself. There is no role of Government of India in this.
Despite this, Rahul Gandhi is making this issue in his election campaign day by day. The main reason for this is that Oas, the firm of partner of Vadra, Sanjay Bhandari, could not get the Rafael deal. The same kind of anguish is on Rahul Gandhi and the Congress.
Air Force chief BS Dhanah has supported it by stating the Rafael Deal as bold. They said, “We were in a difficult situation, we had three options, first wait for something to happen, take back Krupkasan, or make an emergency purchase. We purchased an emergency. Rafael Deal is like a Booster for us. ”
According to the report of Navbharat Times, Dhanoa said, “Government took a bold step and bought 36 Rafael Fighter aircraft. A high-performance and high-tech equipped fighter aircraft has been given to the IAF so that we can increase our capacity.”
It is worth mentioning that a few days before Vice Chief Air Marshal Dev had said, “It is a very beautiful aircraft, it is very capable and we are waiting to blow it up.”
Obviously the Air Force is very excited about this Raphael deal. It is also important for the country’s security, but the manner in which the Congress party is raising questions about this deal, the way Raphael has broken the deal, it is a deep conspiracy of ‘boo’. .
A tweet from ABP News journalist Vikas Bhadauriya on 28th September is also proving that conspiracy has been made to international deal to stop the deal.
He has written that the leaders of international arms companies, Amars dealer and two political parties are engaged in eliminating the Rafael Deal for their benefit. These people are trying to defame the Modi government under an international conspiracy so that the government repeals the Rafael Deal.
The tweet that Vikas Bhadauriya tweeted on September 29 also affirms that the Congress party is constantly trying to get rid of the Rafael deal. According to this, the five leaders of these two political parties, along with the arms producer and the Amurs Dealer’s meeting, were held in Hamburg, Germany during the last week of August. Keep in mind that Congress President Rahul Gandhi was in Germany at the same time and on 21 and 22 August he was in Hamburg, Germany. Rahul Gandhi himself had tweeted this information.
According to the information that came out from the investigation after Vikas Bhadauria’s tweet, the strategy to defame the Modi government was to defame the Rafael Deal in the meeting of people in Hamburg, in the hour-long meeting held in Hamburg.
Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley also raised the question while expressing surprise on this future announcement made by Rahul Gandhi. You must remember that before the statement of former French President François Ohland, on August 30, Rahul Gandhi had tweeted that the Rafael deal is going to explode in France. Now the question arises that how did Rahul Gandhi know about the fact that after two days what is the statement of François Ohland?
It is notable that Olympand had said that Rafael fighter jet maker Dasso chose Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense as an offset partner because the Indian government wanted it. Obviously a hailstorm gives a statement, then it is also a rebuttal, but Rahul Gandhi had said this just 20 days ago.
The exile leader of the Congress Party, Shahzad Poonawala also said that it is true that there are many American and European aircraft companies involved in the repeal of Rafael Deal. He says that he has spent a lot of money on the grand alliance of lawyers, journalists and leaders to get this agreement from India so that the Rafael Deal can be canceled. He has said that the fact of the fact is that those people have held meetings from London to the US and Germany. These people want to deal with some other company by eliminating the Raphael deal in some way so that everyone can get their share, even if the security of the country is in the scary.
After all these facts, it is clear that Rahul Gandhi made a conspiracy against the Modi government and it became clear from the visit of Germany that Rahul Gandhi had met with weapons producer and Amars dealer, then he had such strong information about this.
A journalist Vikas Bhaduria of ABP News alleged that recently, the sales director of the fighter plane met five senior leaders of two different parties to increase the Rafale issue as a scandal so that both the companies / Wealth dealers and political parties will be benefited.