Today’s news: 5.78 crores looted by moving trains, cash bonds of Rs 2 crores to be burnt.

During the assembly elections in 5 states, there is a continuation of war between the leaders. Congress President Rahul Gandhi, in his last several rallies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fiercely controversial issue. Just two years have passed since the ban on bondage, on which Rahul had alleged that the Prime Minister no longer speaks on the ban on bondage.
Addressing a rally in Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur on Monday, the prime minister reversed Rahul Gandhi’s fiercely. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “These people are seeking account of bank slip; today the fake companies were caught because of the ban on account of which your business was caught and you had to go on bail”.
The Prime Minister said that the mother and son who are roaming on rupees of money, are giving certificates to Modi today. He said that the money was already for development, but first people were buried under the bed. Because of this ban on rupee, the rupee has come, due to which the development is going on today.
Mr. Modi said that a prime minister (Rajiv Gandhi) of the Congress had said that one rupee comes from Delhi, then 15 paisa reaches out to which the claw takes 85 paise in the middle. He said that the money came out because of the ban on bondage.
2.24 lakh fake companies closed after the ban
After the ban, the bogus of shawl companies came to a halt. After that, a total of 2.24 lakh companies have been closed. There was no work in these companies for the past two years.
The government had decided to ban the ban on black money. As many as 2.24 lakh companies have closed down so far.Always 3.09 lakh directors have been disqualified.Only 56 banks have got information of 35,000 companies. These companies have 58000 bank accounts. After the ban, 17,000 crores have been deposited and withdrawn in these accounts.

November 13, 2018: Debate will continue to debate on how much the country has benefited from the banquo. But there is an interesting incident related to this ban on screening. In 2016, five robbers looted millions of rupees from a train. But before the rupee could spend it, the ban was imposed in the country before it could be spent. For this reason their crores of rupees became useless According to the robbers, he burned two million rupees, because he could neither use it nor deposit it in the bank. According to a report of The Hindu, this incident is related to Tamil Nadu. Five robbers involved in this have been sent to jail after police custody.
According to the report, on August 8, 2016, 342 crores rupees were being sent from Indian Overseas Bank to the Reserve Bank of Chennai office. H Mohar Singh, Russian Purdi, Mahesh Pardhi, Kalia alias Krishna and Bultia looted from the same amount of Rs 5.78 crore. According to the police, Mohar Singh was a resident of this gang of Gunna in Madhya Pradesh. All the robbers came to Tamilnadu in 2016 with the same He told the police that they all had their place at many places like railway stations, train tracks and under bridges. But PM Modi announced the ban on November 8, 2016 In this he banned 500 and 1000 notes.
After two years of grief, the police has arrested this gang. After this all these people disclosed this whole incident.
Chief gangster Mohar Singh of this gang came to know that a large amount of cash is sent from Salem-Chennai Express. Only then was it planned to rob it. Three companions were put on the train to keep an eye on the train. He traveled on this train for many days. After this he planned a robbery in it. These robberies were cast between Virudchalam and Chinasalam stations. On the day of robbery Mohar Singh goes to the train with his 4 companions. After this Mohar Singh goes to the roof of parcel van with his colleagues. Here all holes on the roof. From here he goes inside the coach. Break the wooden boxes kept there and take out the cash.
Fill it in a cloth and throw it to a certain place. Here a colleague is already stationed. He raises that money. Here, these robbers jump off the train after getting the chance. After this the accused returned to Madhya Pradesh. It is being said that before the ban was imposed, they purchased land property of 1.76 crore. They divided the remaining rupees among themselves. But after a few days the ban was imposed. After this, they burned two crore rupees.