Today, there are three news stories about Rahul Gandhi’s confi- dence. After reading these news, I also remembered a news published on October 2, 2012 in Dainik Bhaskar: The color made the fox made the fox lion, then come true then come in front.
Dasajnap’s blindfolded skeptic leaders are preparing to make Congress president Rahul Gandhi a prime ministerial candidate. They are giving such statements to him from whom it appears that he is trying to imitate PM Modi or he is trying to follow his footprints.
In this context, the short stories of one or two other Panchatantra related to Rangeel Siyar are also being remembered.
In AK Antony’s report it was said that Congress is being recognized as a Muslim party. To eradicate this identity, now what has become the devotee of Rahul Gandhi Polythety Janawardi Brahmin Shivbakat Ram Bhakt Narmada and do not know.

They want Yen-Ken-Makar to become Prime Minister. In the same way, they want to show Yen-Ken-Rukhan to Hindus themselves.Rajiv Gandhi also opened the door of Ramlalla to tell his friends to be friendly.
Later, they began to understand that this has made Muslims angry. Later, he changed the Shah Bano case of Supreme Court by making a law.
Similarly, now the polynomial Jainous Rahul Gandhi has become Confused. Now they are calling themselves the Hindutva, not the nationalists. Because it is well known that PM Modi and BJP are on the path of nationalism.
If the truth is asked, Rahul Gandhi himself is confused, confused and wants to mislead the public too. But it is public that everyone knows.
A news has been published in ABP:
Rahul Gandhi’s turnaround on BJP: I said, ‘I am not a Hindutva nationalist, BJP is confused’ Rahul ‘
Rahul Gandhi, while going to the temple-temple and having a Hindu, did not answer, saying that I am a Hindu, not a nationalist leader. Apart from this, he said that I am the leader of all the people of the society.
Other news are as follows:
Rahul Gandhi’s ‘confusion’ heavy, despite forgiveness CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s son made defamation case
The Congress President had given a controversial statement about the son of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan in a public meeting held in Jabua on Monday. However, he later also turned his back on him.
So far, it has come to see that many people also paint the vegetables to sell vegetables. Similarly, people also paint them for selling animals and birds in this manner. Now we are seeing that people do not show leaders as polarities on the basis of other people’s principles and patterns by not showing them in their true form.
Whether it is Rahul Gandhi or any other person should not be fooled by them, nor should the rolling jackals be rolled out, showing their real form and principles should be present before the public and try to get support on the same basis.