PM Modi joined the program of Bohra society. During this, the PM described peace, harmony and patriotism as the identity of Bohra society. During the program, the PM described the many policies of the government for Bohra society. Earlier, CM Shivraj Singh welcomed the PM on the Indore airport giving flowers of Gulab.

PM Modi joined a program of Bohra community in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. During this, he also joined the Muharram procession. PM Modi participated in the program along with 53-year-old Syedna Muftheed Saifuddin of Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community in Indore. During this he entered the mosque and joined the Majlis.

In the month of  Muharram, Imam Hussein also participated in the weeds falling in martyrdom. During this he said that Imam Hussein became martyred for peace and justice. PM spent about 35 minutes in this mosque. He also heard of the marsia taught by the Bohra community and the Majlis of Syedna.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took part in the program ‘Ashra Mubaraka’ in the commemoration of the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussein organized in Indore. This happened for the first time in the history of the Dawoodi Bohra society when a prime minister was involved in any of his programs. On this occasion there was also the religion master of this community. The PM also met him and said that I have become a member of society in a way.

“My relationship with Dawoodi Bohra society too old”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauding the Dawoodi Bohra society and said that you have sent the holy message of Imam Hussein to your life and delivered his message to the world. My relationship with Dawoodi Bohra society is very old. I have also become a member of this family. We are the people who believe in the tradition of walking with the whole world as a family. This specialty gives them a distinct identity from other countries.

“We believe in our past and have faith in the present”

Prime Minister Modi said that we believe in our past and have faith in the present and we also have confidence and determination on the bright future. Prime Minister Modi said that this society is trying to make any person hungry. For this, this society is running dozens of hospitals. Bohra society gives message of peace. A few years back, during the Gujarat government, I had sought cooperation to fight malnutrition, which the society took hands and supported me.

“Whatever it is, it should be within the purview of the rules”

Prime Minister Modi said that in the last four years the government has succeeded in delivering a clear message that whatever it is, it should be within the purview of the rules. Honest businessmen are being encouraged through a number of laws like GST, Insolveni and BankerPassy codes. The country’s business and business economy is in the rear. He is the important unit to create jobs in the country. He is given as much encouragement as possible.

‘ स्वच्छता ही सेवाÓ अभियान से जुडऩे की अपील शनिवार सेस्वच्छता ही सेवा “ fortnight is starting from Saturday. On this, Prime Minister Modi said that the country will be free soon from the bad tendency of defecation in the open. At the same time, he appealed to the people of the country to relate to this campaign. PM Modi said that four years ago, only 40 percent of the households had toilets. Our parents had a lot of trouble This number has reached 90 percent in such a short time. Very soon the country will liberate themselves from open defecation.

The keys of the house handed over to more than one crore siblings

Prime Minister Modi said that Bora Samaj has taken the lead in providing home to the poor and needy and it is commendable. He said that I have been told that 11,000 people have got their home due to the efforts of the society. The central government has handed over the keys to the home to more than one crore siblings so far. The rest of the house is working at a fast pace.

“Now look at the country’s growth rate of tens”

Within four years-the confidence of investors around the world has increased. Today the situation is that under the make in India there are mobile phones, vehicles or other goods, record production is happening here today. Investing at the record level is going on. The result of this is that with the efforts of all of you, the growth rate of more than eight percent in the last quarter, the country has achieved the labor of hundred and fifty million people.

Which is the fastest movement in the world’s biggest economy. Now the country has a look at the growth rate of tens. And the speed at which we are moving, despite all the challenges, is the strength of the country, the country can reach and I have faith too.