Congress President Rahul Gandhi, while targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said that Modi is calling the people ‘friends’ and Anil Ambani as ‘Ambani Bhai’. Rahul also said that ‘Watchman’ Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi are called Nivar Bhai and Mehul Bhai. Tell Rahul that Rahul is on a tour of Madhya Pradesh these days.

Bhopal: Congress President Rahul Gandhi, at a rally in Morena, PM Narendra Modi fiercely targeted. He, while congratulating PM Modi, addressed the people as friends.
While making the Mishikri of PM, he said, “Do not make me a PM, make me a watchman; first question is called the janitor’s public friends and Anil Ambani is called Anil Bhai, Mehulu tells vigilance, Neerav Modi is Mehul brother and Nirav Bhai. You ‘friends’
Earlier, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday condemned the BJP government of Madhya Pradesh saying that children are dying of malnutrition but the state BJP government is engaged in marketing its’ instead of worrying about the health of children.
Addressing a rally, Rahul said, “Modiji said that friends do not make me the Prime Minister, make me a watchman. The watchman calls you friends but Anil Ambani is called Anil Bhai. He calls Nirvav Modi the neer Bhai and Mehul Choksi, Mehul Bhai. ”
When Rahul Gandhi’s campaign for PM Modi’s campaign, ‘friends’ spoken to the public
While making a Mishikri of the PM, Rahul said, “Do not make me a PM, make me a watchman; first question is called the janitor to friends, friends and Anil Ambani is called Anil Bhai”.

While addressing the election rally in Shaipur’s fair ground, Gandhi said, “Children die here, malnutrition is here. The BJP government will not do anything about this. But just do your marketing. The details of the Chief Minister will take place. The photo will look around. But when the child dies here, the Chief Minister will do nothing. “It is noteworthy that Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh is notorious for malnutrition in children.
Rahul Gandhi said that there is a time for elections and there are two main problems facing Madhya Pradesh. Malnutrition is a problem of hunger. There is a problem of employment of farmers and youth. Here, for 15 years, the BJP Government has shown that it does not work for the youth or for the farmers.