Jallikattu is a traditional sport of rural areas of Tamil Nadu which is organized on Pongal festivals and in which the human beings are battled with oxen. Jallikattu is said to be a symbol of Tamil Nadu’s Pride and culture. These 2000 year old games are what is connected to their culture. Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu have got green showers.

Now gentleman it arises that the project for development of the country must get green Jhanadi or close by showing Red Jhanadi. i.e. the development works should be paused.

Protests took off about a hundred days after a protest on the demand to close the Vedata Sterlite copper unit in Tuticorin of Tamil Nadu and they made several vehicles incitement to fire. At least 11 people were killed and more than 30 people injured in the whole incident. The only thing to understand in this case is why people are opposed to this unit of Vedata.

Vedata’s copper plant in 2013, Tamil Nadu’s ex-chief minister, Jayalalitha had issued the closure after the alleged gas leak, but the company went to the NGT and the case lasted for several years. The current vedata can produce 400,000 tonnes of copper cathodes annually, and now the company wants to make it the world’s largest copper exporting plot.

It is run by the Sterlite Copper Unit of Vedata which is under the control of Vedata Sterlite Limited. The company is a majority-owned subsidiary of Vedata listed in London. This plant has been running over the past 20 years at Milavitan in Tuticorin.

Earlier this plant was closed for 15 days due to maintenance on March 27 because the company wishes to double its production capacity. Sterlite Copper is currently operating a unit that produces 400,000 tonnes annually in Tuticorin and the company plans to double the capacity at smelter up to 800,000 tons per year. The company says the unit has obtained the necessary permits and has not violated any of the criteria.

The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board operated smelter in April during the closure of the plant.