Central Government was finally successful in bringing Christian Mitchell to India for interrogation of alleged scandal in VVIP helicopter deal with Italian company Agusta Westland to go to high altitude places like Siachen. The Modi government is looking at the form of big success for the extradition of a politically sensitive sensitive scandal. The Modi government, surrounded by Raphael, hopes that this intermediary will reveal such information that can make the journey of 2019 easier for him.

Agosta Westland’s intermediary Christian Mitchell was extradited from India in Dubai last night, he was presented in Patiala House Court in Delhi. The CBI sought Mitchell’s custody, and the court sent Mitchell to CBI for five days custody. Agosta Westland’s intermediary Christian Mitchell was extradited from India in Dubai last night, he was presented in Patiala House Court in Delhi. The CBI sought Mitchell’s custody, and the court sent Mitchell to CBI for five days custody. In the court, Christian Mitchell was represented by lawyer Alojo Joseph.

In the case of alleged scandal in Agusta Westland helicopter deal, the middleman Christian Michelle may prove to be a serious link. It is expected that through him there may be some important clues about the transaction of money in the deal. Whose investigating agencies have been searching for a long time. In order to explore the option of MI-8S helicopter, the work was started on the proposal of Rs 3,600 crore VVIP helicopter deal in 1999.

The then NDA Government, led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, had requested a request for the acquisition of 12 VVI helicopters in March 2002. Four companies had shown interest in it. The technical evaluation committee selected three companies. Agasta’s rival company EH 101 did not participate in the assessment as it was not certified for flying at an altitude of 6000 meters. After the Flight Investigation Assay, the EU-225 of the Eurocopter of France was found to be suitable for the acquisition of the government.
There was a meeting held on November 19, 2003 under the chairmanship of Vajpayee’s Principal Secretary. It was said in this stutter that VVIP barely travels helicopter at an altitude of 6,000 meters, so this limit should be reduced to 4500 meters. This can provide adequate options in selection of companies. Meanwhile, a strong letter was written to the Chief of the Air Force from the Principal Secretary, stating that the advice of the SPG posted in the security of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Prime Minister while consulting the criteria for VVIP helicopter was not consulted.

After this, the Congress-led Sprangan government signed the agreement for the helicopter deal in 2010. To reduce the flight limit, it is the primary allegation of corruption in this deal. The UPA Government presented another proposal, in which three companies showed interest. Later America’s Sikorsky and Britain’s Agusta Westland remained in the race. Augusta Westland was selected after the flight test.
The CBI claimed that the then Chief of the Indian Air Force, SP Tyagi, played an important role in reducing the flying altitude from 6,000 meters to 4500 meters, due to which Agusta remained in the Westland deal. He claimed that the Air Force had opposed the change of boundaries, but when Tyagi became Air Force Chief, he recommended it.

According to the agency, with the help of three intermediaries including Michelle on the gestures of Finmeccanica and AgustaWestland officials, Tyagi and his relatives Rajiv, Sandeep and Julie were allegedly bribed. Christian Michael is one of the three middlemen involved in this deal. Apart from this, Guido Haschke and Carlo Gerosa are.

The official said that although full information about the transaction of money is not yet received and Michelle’s statements and inquiries for linking different bills in the case of payments made to the CBI on behalf of Finmeccanica and AgustaWestland of the CBI Will be required.
Michelle has alleged that the CBI team wants to name the Gandhi family in this case. However, the agency has rejected the charge. CBI had accused Tyagi and his nephews, Indian middlemen and companies of corruption in their chargesheet filed last year.

Apart from this, the names of five other foreigners were also included in this. A CBI spokesman said that after the case was registered in 2012, Mitchell had escaped from India and was not cooperating in the investigation. Following a non-bailable warrant issued by a special court in Delhi, the Interpol Red Corner Notice was issued in 2015, after which Mitchell was arrested in February 2017 in Dubai. After the grant of Mitchell extradition by a Dubai court, the United Arab Emirates government also approved, after which the CBI team brought him back to India.

Interestingly, Alijo Joseph is the leader of the Congress party, and he is the national in charge of the party’s youth wing, legal department of the Indian Youth Congress. Their Twitter and Facebook profiles clearly indicate their official relationship with the party. By visiting his social media posts, he is an active member of the Congress Party, because he regularly posts on topics related to politics and party.
In July this year, Joseph of Aljos was given the National Inquiry of the Youth Incharge of the Legal Department.