On the board of the (PMNRF)Prime Minister National Relief Fund – the Prime Minister, the President of the Congress Party, are representatives of private industries. On the board of PM Cares: Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Home Minister, Defense Minister – all are officials.

Who will audit PM Cares?

The Modi government appointed M / s SARC & Associates as the auditor of PMNRF at the end of the financial year 2017-18. The Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund is being audited from the year 2018-19. It will also audit PM Cares.

Let us tell you that the opposition has been constantly raising questions about the PM Cares Fund. There is a continuous demand for its audit from the Congress. The fund was also challenged in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court rejected a petition challenging the constitutional validity of the formation of the PM Cares Fund to deal with epidemics such as the corona virus.

Where was PM Cares Fund’s money used?

In the midst of the growing infection of the corona virus, the PM Cares fund was created. On the call of PM Modi, the country’s special to the common people donated fiercely. The Prime Minister’s Office has informed that Rs 3100 crore has been allocated from this fund for the fight against Corona.

Regarding the use of PM Cares Fund, in this report it was revealed that Rs 2,000 crore 50,000 Made in India ventilators were given. One thousand crore rupees was given for the welfare of the migrants. Hundred crore rupees were given to make the vaccine. There were first 47,000 ventilators in the country. 50,000 ventilators came into the country from PM Cares.

The special thing is that the Prime Minister National Relief Fund (PMNRF) was formed by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, although its managing committee has always included the President of the Congress Party. When the PMNRF Fund was created, which people were included in its managing committee.

1) Prime Minister

2) President of National Congress Party of India.

3) Deputy Prime Minister.

4) Finance Minister.

5) A representative of Tata Trustees.

6) Representative of industry and commerce to be elected by FICCI.

However, from time to time, new members have been added to it. In 1985, there came a time when the responsibility of managing this fund was handed over to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister was also empowered to make him the Secretary of the Fund to whom he would have the right to operate the bank accounts of the Fund. That is, this fund started to be fully run by PMNRF. It is to be noted that this decision was taken when Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister in charge of this fund.

Now, let’s talk about Kakru-Vishwakrishwas. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set up the Kakru-Presidents Fund to make public contributions to fight the Corona epidemic. The donations under this will be used to provide relief to people affected by the corona virus. Other members of this fund include Defense Minister, Home Minister and Finance Minister. Apart from this, people doing good work in science, health, law and public sectors have also been appointed as its members. With the formation of this fund, famous celebrities as well as common people have made their contributions in lakhs.

 However, a question arises again and again that despite the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, why was the PM Cares Fund started? A magazine has claimed that the Prime Minister of the PM is more democratic than the National Relief Fund. Therefore, it would also not be wrong to say that the PMNRF -Vishwashtram is more transparent than the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. There is also a provision for the establishment of an advisory board in PM Care Fund which can house medical professionals and healthcare professionals, academics, economists and lawyers. Politics also started with the Kakru-Nations. While the Congress is not telling it as transparent, the BJP says that the Congress is unhappy with it because there is no place for the Congress President in it.

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