The Congress is supporting the Triple Divorce and Halala in a way; and secondly, all its anti-Hindu Hindu leaders are now fond of multiparianism becoming Hindus. With this, the Muslim leaders have understood that the Congress and its leaders are neither serving Hindu’s nor Muslim’s They are meant to grab power only.

Since AK Antony has stated in his report that the Congress party considers people to be anti-Hindu     Pro-Muslims. Immediately after the introduction of this report, the leaders of anti-Hindu Congress have started competing against themselves for showing Hinduism.

The same situation is also of the leaders of the other opposition anti-Hindu parties , whether they are Akhilesh or Maya-Mamta.

Generally, Muslims join the ruling party in power, but since Narendra Modi’s prime minister in the center and Yogi Adityanath became the chief minister in the state, a lot of Muslims are bowing down towards the BJP.

Similarly, in Aligarh, Mohammad Aamir Rashid is also a Muslim but has already asked for the establishment of an RSS branch at Aligarh Muslim University. Well, he writes himself as a RSS thinker and favors giving Veer Savarkar the Bharat Ratna. Aamir is the president of the Muslim Youth Association.

At the state level several Muslim leaders are also associated with BJP. When the BJP Government was formed, there was speculation about who would become a Muslim minister this time. There is a Muslim minister in the BJP government. This time this obligation was given to Mohsin Raza of Lucknow who was made Minister of State for Minority Welfare Department. Since Mohsin Raza is a minister, he is involved in government programs like Dev Deepawali organized in Ayodhya. Apart from this, they often wear saffron kurta. They have also secured their office saffron. In the conversation with the media, he said that he used to give light to this choppy saffron color. Raza said, “The light emerges from here, the energy is transmitted, whatever saffron will hold, it will be lit in his life.”

One is Azam Khan who writes nationalist in front of his name. They reached with a rock in Ayodhya and advocated construction of the temple. Tilak on the forehead and saffron bears in the neck. Azam also talks about waking up Hindus, which could make Ram temple possible.

Sayyed Wasim Rizvi, chairman of the Shia Central Waqf Board of Uttar Pradesh, has been saying this for a long time. They have asked Muslims to hand over the mosques to the Hindus. They are in favor of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, have also asked to visit the silver arrows for Lord Rama idol. They have also met the saints in Ayodhya. They are in favor of making a mosque away from Ayodhya and have asked Babar to remove his name. Wasim remains quite vocal They are against the Islamic flag on which the moon star remains. Rizvi talk about the ban on All India Muslim Personal Law Board. They claim that they have received threats from Muslim extremists for all these reasons and at the moment the government has given them protection.

Another Muslim leader in Lucknow is Bukkal Nawab. Ever been close to Mulayam Singh Yadav, but resigned from the Samajwadi Party and came to BJP and there is MLC. These are also known for their statements. Give up and the cow on the Rakshabandan.