Congress has often used armed forces to take political advantage. For example, during the 2016 surgical strike, Congress accused PM Modi of joining the “blood money brokerage” and using military deaths for political gain.

They made this statement because the government and the armed forces have started a successful operation against the terrorists as a strategic step. Congress was the same party whose leader Gulam Nabi Azad had said that the operation of the army would reduce terrorists and citizens more Are being killed
Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit called the army chief “punk of the road”.
Such seditious, unscrupulous remarks also threaten the morale of the army, as well as the image of our country is also bad in the world.

The truth is that the Congress may have turned itself into a party which, like the Congress of Pakistan or Congress of China, behaves like in its desperation to prove the PM Modi wrong.
For India, one of those values is respected for those who fight for the nation and give their life. Congress has repeatedly used these people for their small politics. Today, Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his shortcomings have used a Shaheed Narendra of BSF to make a political point again, while his senior leader Sidhu embraced the Pakistan Army Chief who makes common massacre of our soldiers and Barbar proxy on India imposes war.