Firoz Khan’s grandson’s alleged polynomial Janayoghari Shibbhaqat Brahman is happy to immediately arrest the accused husband in a dowry case, but there is an objection to the triple divorce in the realm of crime from the Ordinance by the Modi government.
Why is it like this? Brahmin was also Ravana. Ravana was such a Brahmin that Bhima Army Chief Chandrashekhar has removed ‘Ravan’ with his name. Shiva devotee was also Bhishmasur. Is this the reason Congress is against the process of social reform related to Triple Divorce, Halala Polygamy etc?
Halala, the Shabnam Queen who raised voice over polygamy was attacked with acid but Rahul Gandhi remained silent.
Three divorces: Why the Ordinance brought, told by the Center: Congress has stopped Bill for votebank
Terming the reason for bringing the ordinance on three divorces, the central government said that it was necessary for the Muslim women to bring it to justice. The Center accused the Congress and Sonia Gandhi of doing vote bank politics on this issue and wrapped them. Let the Union Cabinet, under the chairmanship of PM Narendra Modi, have approved three divorced ordinances on Wednesday. Now this Ordinance will go to the President for signing.
Ravi Shankar Prasad said attack on Congress
Union minister and BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad accused the Congress of not allowing three divorce bills to be passed by Parliament. Prasad said, “Congress did not allow this bill to pass from the Rajya Sabha due to the vote bank politics. I urged the Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad in the Rajya Sabha five times to pass this, but he avoided this by speaking of talking to him above. Then the Congress said that the other parties should also get the opinion. “Even after the Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, three divorces of oppressive women continued to run and she remained silent. Prasad alleged that despite being a senior woman leader like Sonia Gandhi and Congress chief, even after votebank politics, permission was not given to Parliament to abolish inhumane three divorces. He said that three Muslim divisions were prohibited on three divorces but India was not being able to stop it even after being a secular nation. Congress stopped it due to votebank politics
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for taking big and tough decisions. September 19 will also be remembered as the day of a historic decision. The same day Modi Government issued an Ordinance on Triple Divorce. Actually, the Union Cabinet has approved the Triple Taluk (Divorce Aid) Ordinance for the Bill, which has been passed by the Central Board of Trustees (CBD). With this ordinance, triple divorce has now come under the purview of crime.
Let me tell you that due to the opposition of the Congress, the two Houses of Parliament had failed to pass. Now after this ordinance, Triple Talak will be treated as a punishable offense. It is worth mentioning that the bill was passed by the Lok Sabha in the Winter Session of the Bill Parliament to make Triple Talak guilty, but in the Rajya Sabha, the Congress has put an end to it.
In fact, Muslim women have to suffer atrocities on gender grounds. The women who are constantly struggling have seen a new ray of hope in the form of PM Modi. He raised voice in front of PM Modi, whom he had not listened to, but also got the solution.
This Ordinance is valid for six months, but the Government intends to pass Triple Talak Bill in the Parliament in winter session in Parliament.
Main points of ordinance
This crime will only be pronounced when the woman herself complains or will complain about the relation of blood.
It can get bail in it, if the magistrate wishes to hear the side of the wife then Bell can.
The amount of maintenance for women and children will be decided by the magistrate only, the custody of the younger children will be given to the mother.
If the woman wishes, the option of agreement is also open, on the initiative of the wife may be the agreement.
This is the condition for the agreement
The Union Minister said that this bill is for empowerment of women. The option of agreement in the law has also been kept. The agreement can be made only on the wife’s initiative, but with the appropriate conditions by the magistrate.
This is the condition for Bell
Under the law, the magistrate can bail it out, but after hearing the wife’s favor, The Union Minister said, this is a private matter between husband and wife. The wife has made a plea, so it will be necessary to hear her side.
3 divorced figures of divorce
With the information on the Ordinance, the government has issued three divorced figures so far from the Supreme Court’s decision. From January 2017 to September 13, 2018, there were 430 triple incidents of divorce. Of these, 229 are before the Supreme Court’s judgments, while 201 are after the judgment. 3 The highest number of divorce cases came in UP. In UP, there were 126 cases before January 17. 120 cases came out after the verdict