UP deputy CM will make Ram temple grand, but Rahul Gandhi will make the date

new Delhi. Another video of Madhya Pradesh Congress State President Kamal Nath is increasingly becoming viral on social media. While he is instigating some people against RSS and also trying to sabotage the state before the elections. Explain that before this, he made a controversial statement on the question of giving tickets to women. He said that in Congress, women have not given ticket on the basis of ‘quota and decoration’.
Kamal Nath’s viral video has been posted by BJP’s National Spokesperson Patitra with his social media account. Kamal Nath is seen talking to the Muslim community in this video. In which he is saying-
‘Let me talk about Chhindwara, I tell people to come. His RSS, because connected to Nagpur. Come there in the morning for them, go to the night and it is very easy. They have only one slogan. If Hindus have to vote then vote for Hindu Lion Modi. If the Muslim has to vote then vote for the Congress. There are only two lines, and no lessons are left to teach. It’s their strategy and you all have to be very cautious. Will try to entice you. We will deal with them, after all, you will have to bear everything until the voting day. ”
Addressing the press conference, the concerned Patiala reversed the statement of Kamal Nath. The concerned Patna condemned Kamal Nath’s statement and framed him fiercely. At the same time he also took on Congress President Rahul Gandhi for the sake of Kamal Nath.
Let us tell you that in Madhya Pradesh, on 28th November, 230 constituencies will be voted for. On December 11, the results will be in front of everyone. Significantly, in the 2013 elections BJP got 165 seats while Congress got 58 seats.UP deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya has given a big statement about Ram temple. He said, ‘The temple will be built where Ram was born. There will be no building named after Babar. This matter is still in the Supreme Court, so I am saying that the temple will make grand but Rahul Gandhi will tell the date. ”
It was reported recently that more than 50 percent of the preparations for the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya have been completed. However, in this case the Supreme Court’s verdict is awaiting. According to the Times of India news, it is to be decided in January 2019. Explain that the stone has been sculpted for the temple’s womb. Apart from this, there is complete preparation for the first floor of the temple. 106 Pillars have been built for the first floor of the temple, the walls have been carved.
Sompura, an Annu brother of Gujarat who had been constructing a stone for constructing a temple for 28 years, had said that more than 50 percent of stone has been sculpted for the construction of the temple. The womb house has been completed by completing it. Now everyone is just waiting for the green flag to become a temple. According to the temple plan, its length will be 268 feet, width 140 feet and height will be 128 feet.
There will be a total of 212 pillars in the temple. There will be 106 columns in each floor. There will be 16 statue at each column. Sompura said that temple work is currently being done on volunteer donation. At present, only a few workers are able to work on this because of the shortage of money. Have left the job because of not getting the rest of the money. In 1990, a total of 150 workers started work on the temple. However, it is only awaiting the judgment of the Supreme Court.