Politicians, especially Rahul Gandhi and Mamta Banerjee, who are on the appeasement policy, are now getting injured and confused by getting a distraught, nefarious state and trying to make polarization confusing the public.
Here are some news to understand this. These stories are opening the poles of these polymorphs.
Digvijay Singh, surrounded by people in the wake of the UP government, tweet of fake photo
Congress Rajya Sabha MP and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh has once again tweeted a fake photo. In fact, Digvijay Singh was trying to surround the Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh and he tweeted a picture of Andhra Pradesh as UP’s. The twitter user on this tweet of Digvijay Singh is making them a very big target.
Digvijay Singh on Tuesday tweeted a picture in which at one place many ambulances were in a state of war. Digvijay Singh tweeted with the photo, “What is the condition of Uttar Pradesh, what has been done by Yogi ji, 108102 ambulances being run by Akhilesh Yadav are being stabbed and people are taking the sick to their sick family and taking them to the hospital. There is also the limit of Yogi Ji Wah Besharami. ”
Let us tell you that this has not happened for the first time when Digvijay Singh has tweeted like this, before this, in the same year, he had tweeted a photograph of Pakistan’s bridge in June this year claiming to be Bhopal’s railway bridge. However, later regret expressed the mistake.
Prime Minister Modi’s blessings will be congratulated by the congratulations of Congress Party!
The popularity of Prime Minister Modi is not hidden from anyone. Many people are his disciples. Prime Minister Modi is a Hamaschal congratulatory reader and he meets PM Modi to a large extent. In the 2014 election, he campaigned for BJP. But this time he is very upset with the BJP and is saying that in 2019 he can campaign for Congress party.
Abhinandan Pathak has expressed his desire to join the party by reaching the Congress office in Lucknow, congratulations also met UP Pradesh Congress President Raj Babbar. It is being said that congratulatory readership of PM Modi, who is a supporter of PM Modi, is quite annoyed with the BJP party these days. .
Rahul Gandhi will do Durga Puja in West Bengal, multiplexes in Navaratri
There is a possibility of Congress President Rahul Gandhi traveling to West Bengal during Durga Puja. In the state, a senior party leader informed that Rahul has asked the party’s state unit to strengthen the organization in view of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Rahul had a meeting with newly appointed Bengal Congress leader Somen Mitra in New Delhi and discussed issues of organizational and forthcoming elections. According to the state Congress sources, in the meeting, Rahul’s visit was proposed during Durga Puja. Durga Puja is the biggest festival of the state.
Congress MP and Coordination Committee president Pradeep Bhattacharya said that according to another leader of the state Congress that the draft of the travel program was ready, Rahul has asked the party leaders to prepare an opinion in the minds of people about the Rafael deal. On the occasion of Rahul’s Navratri, there is also a scheme of ‘Kanya Poojan’ in Uttar Pradesh. According to party sources, the Congress unit of the Congress is organizing Kanya Pooja in Uttar Pradesh on the 8th and the ninth and in Uttar Pradesh, it is expected that Rahul can join the program on this occasion.
Muslim appeasement overturned by Mamata
Mamta Banerjee, who has been trying to appease the Muslims for seven years, bypassing all the political urges and values in West Bengal, has now become a scourge of those Muslims. Increasing influence of BJP in West Bengal and Halkan Mamata Banerjee from Janadhar, what did the announcement of donation of Rs 28 crore for Durga Pooja Pandals this year, the clerics of the state got burnt and came to the streets. A large number of Muslims performed against the decision of CM Mamta on the streets and sloganeering.
Why the angry maulvi?
Indeed, Mamata Banerjee has been doing politics of Muslim appeasement in West Bengal since the beginning. Even when 40 lakh people were declared illegal under the National Citizen Register in Assam, Mamta declared them asylum in their state. In this way, how are the clerics tolerant that they release money for Durga Puja Pandal from the official treasury. In West Bengal, the kind of atmosphere Mamata has made, the minority community has started to accept only the right of the state’s resources, so how is it surprising?
What is the demand of Muslims?
The angry clerics have demanded from the Chief Minister that when he can give Rs 28 crores for Durga Pooja Pandal, then the stipends he receives from him will be increased from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000. With this demand they came to the streets. The difficulties of Mamta Banerjee, due to this demonstration of the clerics, are very big. The Akhil-Bengal Minority Yuva Sangha, a clerk of clerics and Muslim scholars, has also demanded the Chief Minister that he would give two lakh rupees for the maintenance and convenience of all the madarsas.
Actually, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has decided to give Rs 10,000 stipend to 28,000 Durga Pooja clubs across the state. On this decision, Muslims say that the Mamta government has gone on the path of BJP. He said to Mamata in a tone that before the grant given to Durga Pandals, Imam