In the issue of public power yesterday, one of my news articles was published.
The princess of Ayodhya who will become the queen of Korea, her memorial will be on the banks of the river Saru
Today’s news is that the Yogi Sarkar in preparation for preparing a grand statue of Lord Rama on the Sarayu coast in Ayodhya.
The Yogi Government is going to establish a statue of copper of 151 meter high in Ayodhya. This statue will be placed on the terrace of 36 meters.
Let us know that last year the Yogi Sarkar announced the plan to install a statue of Lord Rama, 100 meters high. Then to promote religious tourism under the ‘Navya Ayodhya’ scheme, the Yogi Government also showed the proposal to Governor Ram Naik.
Estimated expenditure upto 330 crores
The tourism department had planned the statue of Lord Rama in May 2018. Under the new Ayodhya scheme, the statue along the river Saryu will be established. It is estimated to cost up to 330 crore rupees. Simultaneously, the government will make proper arrangements for the Ramkatha Gallery, the place of tourist lodging, the CCTV cameras, the police booths, the means of transportation and other civil facilities such as toilets and drainage. Earlier, UP Yogi Adityanath had said that on Diwali, he is going to Ayodhya with great good news. On Friday, Uttar Pradesh BJP president Mahendra Nath Pandey claimed that there is a big saint along with the Chief Minister. Of course he has planned for Ayodhya. Waiting for the good news on Diwali, the plan will come out in the hands of the Chief Minister that it will be appropriate. The yogi also said that the saint society is so patient, they need to have some patience and patience. There has been a spurt in the Ram temple issue here, along with RSS, Hindu organizations have adopted aggressive approach.
RSS president Bhaiyaji Joshi on Friday said that if needed, again the movement for Ram temple will be done as of 1992. He said that the wait has been long enough for the Ram temple.
Bhaiyaji Joshi said that Ram lives in everybody’s heart but they appear by the temples. They said that we want to be the temple.
BJP President Amit Shah met the association chief Mohan Bhagwat at 2 pm on Thursday at Rambhau Mahalagi Prabodhini of Mumbai. During this time many important issues were discussed between the Union chief and the Shah. It is believed that there has been discussion about Ram Mandir and Lok Sabha elections.
World’s fourth largest statue!

The height of Lord Ram’s statue proposed in Ayodhya will be 151 meters, and in this way this statue will be 31 meters lower than the Statue of Unity. The height of the Statue of Unity is 182 meters. Shivaji Memorial is under construction in Mumbai, whose height is higher than the Statue of Unity. The Shiva Memorial and the statue of Lord Rama, both are estimated to be ready by 2021. However, the work of Shiva Memorial has gone a long way. Thus, the statue of Lord Rama proposed in Ayodhya will be India’s third largest statue and the fourth largest statue in the world. This monument has not been officially given any name, so the locals are calling it ‘Statue of Ramlala’ on the lines of the Statue of Unity.
Help from the Statue of Unity
Officials said that for the proposed statue of Lord Rama, a team of engineers has done terrestrial survey under the leadership of the state government and local administration. Engineers connected with this project are also taking advice from the key people involved in the construction of the Statue of Unity and the government will also take guidance from sculptor Ram Sutar, who designed the statue of Patel.
Experts say that India had a major engineering challenge in the form of Statue of Unity, which has been successfully completed. Now India has the expertise to build such a large monument, so there will be no problem in the construction of ‘Statue of Ramlala’ and if the money does not obstruct, then the project will be completed in time.
L & T has got a contract to build India’s two largest monument Statue of Unity and Shiva Memorial (under construction), and it is estimated that the contract for Lord Rama’s memorial can also be obtained by L & T. There are several projects of L & T running in Uttar Pradesh and it has been in Lucknow Metros too. Therefore, it is also expected that he will get the contract of God’s monument.