Kejriwal becomes a farmer leader now in place of former Peasant leader Tikaita!

Know the so called poor farmer named Ayyanu who participated in Farmers March, who is part of the sand mafia and owns the ‘Audi’ car.
The “Kisan March” or Kisan Rally, organized in National Capital, does not seem much more than the drama performed by communist organizations and opposition parties, seeking their minimum support price for independence from their crops and loans, to fulfill its own political agenda. Ready for
Yesterday this incident was a political meeting where the opposition tried to show its power. It seems that they are so strong together that they will be able to throw the PM Modi government out of power, which is a very distant dream.

Some other details about the march of farmers also put a question mark on the originality of the rally. It was told that one of the farmers who were seen in the rally organized by several communist organizations was named Ayyakanu, a farmer from Tamil Nadu who could appear as a poor farmer for many people.
But the reality of this farmer will shock many of you. He is not a poor farmer as he appears. Though he is from a farmer’s family in Tiruchirapalli of Tamil Nadu, Ayyakanu has been a lawyer for many years and is a wealthy partner. 68-year-old Ayyakanu has an Audi car and is reportedly part of the sand mining mafia in Tamil Nadu, and claims that it can be ‘snake in the grass’!

He has led many campaigns to fight for the rights of farmers. They are known for simple methods through which they protest against the farmers. In their opposition, farmers are prepared to eat dead mice and snakes; half naked rolls on the ground, swarm to open the conch with the head of the head and take the scalp during the display.

Around 1200 members of Ayyakanu’s organization had arrived in Delhi with the skull of the farmers in the Delta area, who reportedly committed suicide. The group of dramatic rabble-rousseurs attacked the streets of the National Capital under the banner of the All India Kisan Association Coordination Committee (AIKSC) on Friday, which is a platform of 200 farmers’ groups, who are communists, ideological hammer-and- Sickle flag 44 cases have been found to be involved in various disputes. In March this year, Ayyakanu had entered into a dispute with BJP’s Nalaiyammal, a female worker, who called him “slut”. Earlier, in 2017, BJP national secretary H Raja had alleged that Akiyanu was a “fraud” and had taken money from the bank, which had not been paid.

Ayyakanu has also tried his hand in politics. In 1977, Ayyakanu contested as a Janata Party candidate from Mussoorie in Muslimee in Tamil Nadu and was in fourth place. Shah Rukh Khan, a farmer, a director of the father-in-law company, who is in the list of world’s richest actors, Shahrukh Khan is also in the news about his property list. Shahrukh has now come to the discussion due to his latest property. Making a villa in Mumbai’s Alibag, it is being accused of ignoring the forgery and rules to make a bungalow on the farming land. Shah Rukh Khan became a farmer! Even though many generations of Shahrukh Khan have not seen farm potholes, but they are the farmers in government documents. Indeed, on the ground where Shahrukh is preparing a sea-festive bungalow in Alibaug, Mumbai, it is registered as the land of agriculture in government records.

These lands are present on the coast of the coast. Aamir Khan says, “I am a farmer from birth.” The Pawan Dam Rehabilitation Committee is against Star Bari farmers – After Magastar Amitabh Bachchan, Bollywood actor Aamir is scanning to buy 11 acres and 8 acres of agricultural land in Pune, claiming that he is a farmer. Aamir has bought some agricultural land near Pawana dam in natural maval taluk of Pune district. Bachchan also bought agricultural land in Maval by claiming to be a farmer. A court in U.R. recently ruled that Bachchan was not a farmer and that the land allotment of farm land in Barabanki was canceled. Considering tax evasion, corruption and rich peasant figures, in 2008, more than two lakh people had shown their earnings from agriculture. In 2008, as a revenue earning from agriculture, Rs 17,116 crore was revealed, which increased to 2000 lakh crore in 2011. C1 BDT is also surprised to earn such a huge amount from agriculture.

Documents related to income from taxpayers showed that their earnings were not from agriculture. It also meant that there are many who are earning from any other profession but they have been shown agricultural income to save tax. Robert Vadra has also found a way to hide corruption, by becoming the billionaire poor farmer through the then Chief Minister Hooda of Haryana. I have discussed this in detail in my book ‘DLF-Vadra corrupt system’.