A meeting was held in the meeting hall of District Panchayat last day under the guidance of Lakheshwar Baghel, Chairman of Bastar Development Authority and Commissioner of Bastar Division, in relation to archaeological primitive tribe culture, literary and tourism conservation and archiving under Bastar Division. A detailed discussion was carried out by the divisional officers regarding the decimation of the district-level primitive culture and civilization and special emphasis was given for recording. There was a detailed discussion of the culture of the primitive tribes by the community heads regarding the costumes, dialects, regional history, political system, crafts, cultural tradition in the archives of the paintings. Discussions were made with the society heads, intellectuals, Chief Executive Officer, Janpad Panchayat and Block Education Officers of all the development blocks. For the authentication and improvement of the records, four committees were directed to implement them at district and development level level. On this occasion, Deputy Commissioners Bhuvan Sidar, Akhilesh Mishra, Area Connection US Pambhoi, Community Head Narayan Singh Gora, SR Markam, Sher Singh Aanchala, Shravan Darro, Jeevan Thakur, Laxmikant Gavade, Shriram Baghel, Dhal Singh Singh Pater, Shivprasad Baghel, Rohidas Kholri The Chiefs of all the development blocks including Kanhaiya Netam, Naresh Kumar Baghel, Krishnaraana, Chandrakumar Dhruv, Kriparam Baghel, all district CEOs were present.