Apple has announced a great discount on its latest smartphone iPhone 12. The actual price of this phone is Rs 119900 but under the new trade-in scheme of the company you can get a discount of up to 63 thousand rupees on the iPhone 12. Apple has announced a huge discount on its most expensive smartphone iPhone 12. According to the company, you can buy iPhone 12 under trade-in scheme at an attractive discount of up to 63 thousand rupees. Let me tell you the actual price of iPhone 12 is Rs 1,19,900. On which you can get a maximum discount of 63 thousand rupees under the trade-in scheme of the company.

According to Apple, in the trade-in scheme you have to give your old smartphone. Apple has also shared the details of the exchange price of the popular smartphone on its website, which you can check at According to Apple, in addition to the new iPhone 12, apart from Apple, you can also give the smartphone of another company. How to buy new iPhone 12 under Apple’s trade-in scheme

When you buy a new iPhone 12 phone under the trade-in scheme. So you have to share some information about your old smartphone. Like you have to tell the IMEI code of your old smartphone. Along with this, you will also have to give information about the condition of the smartphone and its storage capacity. When you will answer all these questions, then after that you can book iPhone 12 by cutting the fixed price of your smartphone.

After booking the iPhone 12, an Apple employee will come to your home and check the condition of the old smartphone. If the condition of the phone will not match with the answers given by you online, then you will have to pay the full exemption given under the trade-in scheme.