Apple has launched its Apple One Bundled service in India. The subscription bundle includes Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade and iCloud storage. This means that if you choose Apple One, then you will not need to take subscription of these services separately. The subscription price of Apple One in India is Rs 195 per month and in the US for $ 15 a person.

The Apple One subscription plan for the family is priced at Rs 365 per month and $ 20 in the US. The service is available in India and you can sign up for it at any time. Apart from India, Apple has made Apple One service available in all other markets.

As part of a separate plan, the company is offering Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Brahmsdagdi and 50-year-long visual support. In the family plan, the 200-thousand-dollar statement, and all other benefits are getting the same. These services can be shared up to 6 family members.

The original price of Apple Music is Rs 49 per month for students, Rs 99 per month for individuals, Rs 149 per month for families. Apart from this, the price of Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade is Rs 99 per month, iCloud costs Rs 75 per month for 50 GB, Rs 219 per month for 200 GB and Rs 749 for 2 TB. Apple News Plus and Apple Fitness Plus are priced at US $ 10 per month.

A third tier is also available in select markets. These include Australia, Canada, Britain and the United States. It is called Apple One Premier and includes Apple News Plus, the new Apple Fitness Plus and 2 TB of iCloud storage. It is available at $ 30 per month.