Once again the faith of minority Hindus has been wired in Pakistan. An ancient Hanuman temple has been demolished at Lyari in Karachi, Pakistan. The houses of about 20 Hindu families living near the temple were also demolished by bulldozers. The incident occurred in Pakistan when the historic church in the Turkish capital of Istanbul was being converted into a mosque. Both religious sites were demolished at the same time. There is outrage among the minority Hindus of Pakistan about this. 

The area was sealed after opposition from Hindus

The police has sealed the area after protests by Hindus. A Pakistani newspaper, The Express Tribune, reported that Lyari’s Assistant Commissioner Abdul Karim Memon ordered an inquiry against the builder who demolished the temple. Local people said that a builder had allegedly bought land around the temple. The builder wanted to build a residential complex on this plot. The locals said that although the builder had promised the Hindus that the temple would not be destroyed, he destroyed the temple by taking advantage of the opportunity when the corona virus was banned in their homes.

The committee is investigating, will report in seven days 

The shocking thing here is that Deputy Commissioner of South Karachi Irshad Ahmed Sodhar told The Express Tribune that earlier there were two temples, but one temple had already been removed. The Deputy Commissioner promised to bring justice to the Hindu family. He said that a committee has been formed to investigate the matter. An archaeologist is also included in this inquiry committee. He said the committee would submit its report within seven days. He then reiterated that justice would be done to the people.

Hundreds of Pakistan temples have disappeared since independence 

Destruction and conversion of minorities’ places of worship in Pakistan is nothing new. There is a new dispute almost every month. There has been disappointment in the acceptance of minority culture and its symbols in Pakistan. This hatred against minorities is spread all over the country. Poison against minorities, especially Hindus, has deepened in society. Since independence, hundreds of temples of Pakistan have disappeared. Many buildings and mosques have been built in place of these temples. In June, Prime Minister Imran Khan allocated funds to build a Krishna temple in Islamabad to prove his secularism, but the boundary wall of the temple was demolished within days.