An important meeting of Chhattisgarh Sarva Adivasi Samaj was held on Saturday. Discussions were held in the meeting on topics like Silger, PESA law, land acquisition, mining, jobs, reservation and promotion. In the meeting, the society decided to organize a big agitation in all the blocks on 19th July. In the movement to be held in three phases, the first phase will be at the block level, the second phase at the district level and the third phase at the state level.

Sarva Adivasi Samaj leader and former MP Sohan Potai said in the exclusive conversation that the people of the society are very angry with the policies of the government. The present government is also treating the people of tribal society like the previous government. The work of Gaur mineral is also being given to outsiders. Outsiders are being settled. We want that the camp should not be opened in Silger. Tribals are grinding between the Naxalites and the police. The government should talk to the people of Sarva Adivasi society. If the government does not find a solution soon, then there will be a fierce movement.