Anatomy department professor of Srinagar Medical College in Uttarakhand caught stealing students' mobile phones 

By Online Desk

DEHRADUN: The curious case of a professor stealing mobile phones from his students has come to light at Srinagar Medical College in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

The theft reportedly came to light when CCTV footages showed him stealing the mobile phone of an MBBS student while the latter was writing an exam.

When the student complained that his mobile phone, kept outside the examination hall, had been stolen, the head of the department requested authorities to scan the CCTV footage. The examination of CCTV footage showed the professor stole the device.

The professor hails from Bihar and serves in the anatomy department of the college.

The Times of India quoted the principal of the college Dr CMS Rawat as saying, “A team searched the professor’s room and found to their surprise almost a dozen other stolen mobile phones in his possession.”

Even as an investigation is on, the professor had denied stealing the mobile phones.