Ranchi The Pathholgadi supporters freed all the four policemen, including three house guards, abducted from the residence of MP Kigadiya Munda from the village of Anigra of Peg, on Thursday night after about 62 hours. All of them left in the jungle about five km away from the Pegro Saiko police station. After this the young man reached the Psycho police station at around 2:30 pm. After this the incident was given to the senior police officers. After getting the information, the police officer reached the police station and returned the peg to the jawans.

The four jawans were abducted on 26th June by Pathholgarh supporters. Zonal IG Naveen Kumar Singh told that PEG SP launched search operation in Ghaghra with the free jawans. Inside the Ghaghara itself, the INSAS rifle, the magazine and uniform were robbed by the three house guards from the straw stack. Aizi said that two people abducted are relatives of Kadia Munda. This information has been received by the police. It is being examined in depth.

Nagendra IG came to drink water: Three security guards were deployed at the residence of Vinod, Subodh and Sion Kadia Munda. While in the duty of the Nagendra Singh Law system, the staff were stationed as a staff. During the incident, he had come to drink water near Kadia Munda’s house. The Pathaldhari supporters had kidnapped Nagendra Singh along with the three house guards. Although Nagendra’s abduction was not reported to the police till the last time.

He said: Patholgadi supporters wanted to make the police team posted in duty of law and order to be hostage. But failed. When a security personnel posted at Kadia Munda’s house, Puthalgadi supporters followed him and carried out the incident.

They help the police For this reason, probably the hijackers released the four jawans. After being freed, the soldiers were asked about their weapons, they said that the weapon hijackers have hidden somewhere in the Ghaghra. After this, SP Ashwani Sinha asked the four jawans to go to Ghaghra and run the search operation. All weapons, magazines and uniforms looted during the search operation were recovered.