There are a lot of ways to stream music nowadays. Spotify and Apple Music are two of the most popular options, and Google is hoping to become more competitive with YouTube Music. Amazon Music may be one of the less-spoken-of alternatives, but works well within the Amazon ecosystem. Now it’s getting an addition that lets you learn a thing or two while bopping along to the beat.

Amazon’s new Music X-Ray feature offers behind the scenes tidbits and trivia about top songs, artists, and albums. The company already offered a limited X-Ray that provided scrolling lyrics for years now, but this revamp sees it working more like the X-Ray functionality in Prime Video, pulling up fun facts about the media you’re currently experiencing. It’ll even display song credits to tell you the people responsible for your newest favorite song.

Music X-Ray has started rolling out to the Amazon Music app. The company says that X-Ray will show up for millions of the most popular songs in the US and UK, and will expand over time to include a wider swath of the musical landscape.