Amazon Fire TV users can now converse with Alexa in Hindi. This language support will be available starting today on all Fire TV devices in India. Those who choose the option will also see Fire TV rows and menus in Hindi.

“With this update, Alexa on Fire TV will understand customers speaking to her completely in Hindi. At launch, customers can explore Alexa in Hindi for music, knowledge, personality, smart home, timers and alarms, weather, news, local search, hundreds of skills, and more,” Amazon said.

Amazon is also expanding Alexa Routines by making it available on Fire TV devices in India starting today. With the help of Alexa app, one can set up Routines selecting actions.

Users are allowed to set actions like powering their TV on or off, opening a specific app, playing specific content, and pausing or resuming content, in addition to other actions on the Alexa-enabled and smart home devices.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of Routines you can now create. So when someone says “Alexa, I’m back,” Alexa can say “OK – now back to your show,” turn off their smart lights, and resume playing content. One can set this one as a Routine.

Customers can also create a Routine so that when they say “Alexa, time for bed,” Alexa will turn off their TV and begin dimming their smart lights. On the Routine setup page in the Alexa app, customers can check which Amazon Fire TV device control actions are available.