new Delhi. With the continuous heavy rains since Wednesday night, water has started collecting water at the Baltal base camp. Due to this waterfowl in the Baltal base camp, water has been deposited to the knees towards the Security Access Control Gate created by the security forces. The administration has shifted pilgrims from Baltal base camp to a camped campus on the hill area. It is noteworthy that due to heavy rains the Amarnath Yatra has been stopped.

The jatha left for Jammu for the holy cave has been stopped at Pahalgaon Base Camp. The jatha left from Srinagar was stopped at the Baltal base camp. Indeed, there is a raw path to go to the sacred cave by meeting the Baltal. Likewise, on the way to the sacred cave via Pahalgaon base camp from Jammu, there is a paved road available to Chandanwadi only. After Chandanwadi, pilgrims have to travel through Shiva Nag, Pancharatani, Sangam, from the raw road to the holy cave.

According to senior officials associated with the Amarnath Yatra, pilgrim walking on the road on the raw road during the rain is dangerous due to security. Therefore, keeping the security of the devotees, this visit has been stopped at Pahalgam and Baltal base camps. Meanwhile, officials of the Amarnath Shrine Board said that due to heavy rains and bad weather, pilgrims can not be allowed to go beyond the Baltal and Pahalgaon base camps. According to officials, devotees can be allowed to move beyond these base camps only after the weather has improved.

It is notable that around 3000 Amarnath pilgrims who left Jammu on Wednesday reached the Baltal and Pahalgam base camps. In which 1904 pilgrims decided to go from the traditional route of Pahalaga to the Holy Cave. While 1091 pilgrims chose the path of Baltal to go for the sacred cave. These passengers include 2234 men, 520 women, 21 children and 120 sadhus. At the same time, in view of the increasing number of devotees in Baltal and Pahalgaon base camps, the authorities have decided to stop the jathas going off from Jammu and Srinagar. These pilgrims will be allowed to grow only after the normal between the Baltal and Pahalgaan holy cave.