Allahabad. Four people of the same family were murdered in Allahabad. Among those killed were an elderly woman, her daughter, son-in-law and grandmother. While killing four people in the city, where the city is stirred, yet no clue has been found for the accused nor the reason for the murder has been ascertained. At present, the police has sent all the bodies to the post-mortem and are looking for the accused.

The whole case is near the highway of Sora police station in Allahabad. The police reached the spot and got involved in the investigation. The sensation has spread in the area after the murder. The crowd of people of the village got involved in the incident. The way Uttar Pradesh Police has once again questioned the question of four people killed in the same family. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had said that he should restrain the crime, but in the last few days the way the crime graph is rising in Uttar Pradesh, the question of the state police is raising somewhere.

Earlier, due to land dispute in Allahabad, a retired sub-inspector was beaten to death by a stick. The whole incident was captured in a CCTV camera. There was a dispute about a house-maker with the help of a retired Sub Inspector of the UP Police Abdul Samad. On Monday, former guards were going to take a vegetable from their home. Only then the historic scuffle reached with his teammates and attacked Abdul Samad with a stick.