You like technology, but due to the lack of time, you are unable to read the news related to it, then we have brought a Tech Describer for you. In this one news, we will tell you about the new technology launching this week with the updated apps. So let’s start with the weekly Disclaimer.

  • Video creators trended towards the Instagram reels after the banning of TickTalk. In order to give users a better experience, Facebook has released a new update of Instagram reels on Friday. Under this update, the Dedicated Reels tab will now appear instead of the Explore tab (magnified glass icon) in the navigation bar.
  • The company said that from this tab, users will access the auto-playing reels video with a single click. Only reels videos will be visible in this tab. This will make it easier for users to find new creators. India is the first country where this new feature is being rolled out for the first time. Like TickTalk, Instagram Reels is also a short video sharing platform.