New Delhi: In order to make your flight safe and easy in the Corona era, efforts are on to make air travel in the country normal with some strict rules. According to aviation regulator DGCA, any passenger who refuses to wear a mask during air travel will be put on the airlines’ no-fly list. In addition, packaged snacks, food and drinks have been allowed to be served on domestic flights, giving relief to the passengers. Hot food will be served on international flights.

A senior civil aviation directorate official said that if a passenger does not wear a mask in the aircraft, he will be put on the airlines’ no-fly list.

An order issued on Thursday by the Ministry of Civil Aviation said that in view of the duration of domestic flights, now passengers can be given pre-packaged snacks, food or drinks. Hot food and drinks can also be served to passengers in line with international standards in international flights. The ministry also said that all utensils are required to be disposable and one time use for serving food. The crew members also have to change gloves every time before serving food and drinks.

It is noteworthy that due to Corona, food was not allowed to be served on domestic flights after air travel resumed from 25 May. Similarly, only pre-packaged cold food was allowed in international flights. Snacks or meals were available based on the duration of the flight.

Now Wi-Fi facility will be available in aircraft

New Delhi, Agencies: Under the new regulations, the DGCA will allow passengers to use Wi-Fi in aircraft as well as use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) during the flight.

The ministry has asked airlines operators to allow passengers to use their entertainment equipment during the flight. Also, internet service will also be provided on mobile or laptop etc. devices. This facility will also be available on flight of altitude ten thousand feet or more above the sea level. In addition, pilots will also have the right to control Internet connectivity during the flight.

However this will not apply to medical devices such as pacemakers, hearing machines etc. Disposable earphones or sanitized headphones will be provided to passengers before the journey begins.