There is a demand to start air services from Raipur to Shirdi and Tirupati. The Travel Agent Association has also written a letter to aviation companies for this. Travel operators say that a large number of people go out of Raipur for Shirdi and Tirupati. Due to lack of direct air service, they have to go through Mumbai.

This wastes both money and time. Travel operators say that a small aircraft 72 seater can be flown in these areas. Raipur will get a lot of traffic for these areas. In the coming days, air service from Raipur to Jabalpur is also going to start. It is being told that this flight will connect Bhopal along with Jabalpur.

Travel operators say that there should be a direct flight from Raipur to Goa as well. Prior to Corona there was a direct flight and traffic from the capital Raipur was also getting quite good. But it was discontinued. Now it should be started again. If this flight does not go through Raipur, it is straight from Raipur and will get more traffic. Now travelers have to go via Mumbai to go to Goa.