After freeing the “world’s loneliest elephant” Kaavan from a life of misery in a Pakistani zoo, the singer Cher is now attempting to rescue Bua Noi, a gorilla who has spent the last 30 years behind bars above a Bangkok shopping mall. As per the animal rights group PETA Asia, Bua Noi was captured as a baby and taken to Para Zoo, which is a small rooftop zoo containing imprisoned animals in “abysmal conditions” since the 1980s. This zoo has long been criticised by animal welfare campaigners and often referred to as “animal hell”. 

As per local media reports, American singer Cher has joined people who are calling for the gorilla’s release and has also written to Thailand’s Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa, to express her “deep concern” over Bua Noid’s living conditions. In the letter, the singer has also highlighted the poor conditions of other primates in the Bangkok zoo. As per local animal welfare campaigners, animal captured at the zoo have very little stimulation and are confined in unnatural enclosures at the zoo.