Car manufacturer companies in the country are deciding to increase their prices in the new year. In such a situation, if you want to buy a car, buy it soon, because in the year 2021, car manufacturer companies are going to increase their prices. First Maruti Suzuki India decided to increase the price of the car. After this, Ford India also made the same announcement. After this, the latest name of MG Motor India is being included in this list.

On Friday, the company says that the company is going to increase the price of its cars from January onwards due to the increased cost for producing vehicles. If you want to buy MG Motor India car from January 2021, now you have to pay 3 percent more price for it. See, the company has not increased the price much. But it is going to have a great impact on customers. Because the corona virus has already shut down the occupations of people, even a little inflation can affect customers’ pockets.