In the case of killing Umesh, the driver of Kotla Mubarakpur in Delhi, the police is still free after 48 hours. The team of four more special police personnel involved in the investigation has not yet figured the number of the accused’s car. Police interrogated Umesh’s friend, but the police did not get any specific information about the killers. The police is attempting to identify the killers by seizing the footage of more than two dozen CCTV cameras surrounding the main market and around it, but no footage could reveal the number of the car’s killers. In this condition, police Umesh’s friend and eye witness eyewitnesses are trying to gather more information about the killers from Hemant. But Hemant told the police that the incident took place in such a hurry that he could only see the number of the accused’s car. After Umesh was shot, he was scared, so he did not even try to catch the attackers. In the Kotla Mubarakpur, a case of stabbing occurred at the same place 16 hours before the murder of Uber driver Umesh Roadridge. Directly, N. claims that the knife was carried out in two factions cleaning the car, in which two people were injured. Police compromised on both sides, but security in the area did not increase. The result is that after few hours of knife shooting Umesh shot dead and the assailant easily ran away and the police did not even notice it. There is resentment among the locals by taking this.