Goa elections: AAP will ensure resumption of mining in first 6 months if voted to power, says Kejriwal

Express News Service

NEW DELHI: The ‘Mission Punjab’ tour of the state to be headed by AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal, which was scheduled to start from Moga, has been postponed for November 22. This is because AAP workers in Punjab are busy participating in the celebrations with the farmers following the rollback on the farm laws.

The Aam Aadmi Party has described the jollity of the ‘annadatas’ as the happiness of the country and saluted the 700 slain farmers, who sacrificed their lives and fought for over a year. A party spokesman said that history will remember the farmers’ struggle on every front. 

“This is the victory of the farmer’s courage, passion and hope, the victory of every family who, regardless of day and night, regardless of sun or rain, fighting with storms and harsh weather by risking their lives, have secured the future of Punjab,” said the AAP spokesperson.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal along with the party’s Punjab state president and Sangrur MP Bhagwant Mann congratulated the farmers from Punjab and the rest of the country on the repeal of three laws. The AAP will organise ‘Sukhmani Sahib paath’ at all the district headquarters across the state on November 20.

In-charges and volunteers in the district-level, will organise a prayer meet for the progress and prosperity of Punjab with recitation of ‘Sukhmani Sahib Paath’. Bhagwant Mann termed the announcement by PM Modi to repeal the three agricultural laws as a victory of the farmers and congratulated the farmers of the country. 

Mann said that the BJP leaders who called the farmers of the country, separatists, Naxalites and traitors, should apologise and that the Union government should also compensate the families of the slain farmers. Mann also added that the credit for the Centre’s decision on the rollback goes solely to the farmers.

He observed that no political party is entitled to take credit. “In Punjab, the Congress, Akali Dal and BJP have become objects for people’s ire. Earlier, Amarinder Singh used to share government with the BJP and now he will share seats. Amarinder’s alliance with the BJP has now come to light,” said Mann.