The Aam Aadmi Party submitted a memorandum to the DRM to restart the local trains closed due to Kovid in Chhattisgarh. No one will forget the day of 23 March 2020. From this day onwards, activities in the entire country were almost halted for 7,8 months. As if the whole world had stopped, the reason was Kovid-19. In Chhattisgarh also, all the local trains were stopped from the point of view of safety. The public traveling in trains daily faced a lot of problems these days. Today when Zindagi again started walking on its way, but till now the local trains are closed. The Aam Aadmi Party has gone to Raipur DRM office under the leadership of State Secretary Uttam Jaiswal through a memorandum demanding that the local trains be revived.

With this, all those travelers will be able to come back to their destination. D&M and Assistant Chamber of Commerce Manager Shambhu Sah assured to restart local trains very soon. State media co-operative Azim Khan, State Secretary Youth Gajanand Lahre, State Vice President Youth Laxman Sen, Raipur District Organization Minister Mukesh Dewangan, Jai Prakash Pradhan and Women Wing from Annu Singh, Priyanka Mishra, Pratibha Seautkar were present to give the memorandum.